Bio - Jakob Gjerluff Ager


Specialized in cold, wet, windblown and dramatic places, my curiosity and adventure lust take me around the world in search of remote places and unique moments to capture and share.

I am a self-taught photographer currently based on the Danish west coast. I grew up  sailing and surfing the cold waters of the North Sea. After finishing school I moved to Norway to pursue my childhood dream of living in the mountains, and for 5 years I worked there as a guide in the mountains and on the rivers. It was there I started to document my experiences as a way of inspiring people to take advantage of life's more simple joys. Since then I have completed a degree in Multiplatform Storytelling and Production at the VIA University, which was primarily focused on film production. Ultimately I have developed my hobby into a full time job of traveling the world to tell stories through both photos and video.


Today I work with both local and international brands to tell stories in photo and video; from expedition-type multi-day trips to one day shoots, outside or in studio.  I create imagery for magazines, photo essays, social media and commercial use. Drawing from an extensive  network of creatives and professionals, I tailor teams specifically for each production or work as a one-man band when a tighter budget or a swift turnaround is needed.

Being a part of the creative process from idea to execution  has always been at the core of my work to secure a feeling of authenticity and honesty. For me it's important that the viewer forgets about the presence of the media and becomes totally immersed in the captured moment. Most of my work is then naturally developed and executed in close relation with real people and athletes, reflecting their personality and story. 

In recent years I have pushed towards a more sustainable approach by working more locally and with companies that share these values. Adding to that, I have become an ambassador for the non-profit organization "Empower Plastic" and joined "1% for the Planet".

1% for the Planet

I am a proud member of the 1% for the Planet non-profit organisation by donating at least 1% of my annual revenue to efforts preserving the planet. The focus of my donations is on the well-being of our oceans and all the amazing life within it. "The evidence is overwhelming: climate change is an imminent threat, our food systems are increasingly stressed, and our lands, waters, and species are threatened like never before. If we don't act now, the viability of our planet and our quality of life – to say nothing of the health of our economy – face an existential threat." In 2002, founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, created a non-profit corporation to encourage other businesses to do the same. 1% for the Planet is an alliance of businesses and individuals that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment. They understand that profit and loss are directly linked to its health, and are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry. If you're a business owner (or have any influence over your boss), please consider becoming a member of this socially and environmentally progressive group. By contributing 1% of total annual sales to grassroots environmental groups, members of 1% for the Planet affect real change. And members receive other benefits: The satisfaction of paving the way for more corporate responsibility in the business community and the recognition, support and patronage of conscientious consumers who value serious commitment to the environment.

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Selected clients

Favre Leuba, Renoun skies, GoPro, Red bull, Robens Tents, Talisker Whiskey, Nordic Surfer Magazine, Lakor, Lowlands Whiskey, 1% for the Planet, Trysilguidene, Nuvo Magazine, Mission Workshop, Sitka, Petromax, Yervana...


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